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SODCreate celebrity-890 Jav Older Sister Masami Ichikawa there's an opening In A lady With robust Ambition.undies clothier ahead Of competition For future tomorrow

Release Date: Mar 16, 2019

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動画 エロ undies dressmaker Masami searching ahead to the competition organized via essential underclothes makers. With the heat getting into the big level in which existence went on, i used to be struggling to pick out undies made for presentation. so one can listen to the individual that fits the idea, she delivered to a close-by park inadvertently meets a center age male there. Masami invitations him to his house to seek advice ....

大手下着メーカーが主催するコンペを目前に控えたランジェリーデザイナーまさみ。人生をかけた大舞台に熱が入るなか、プレゼン用に作った下着選びに苦悩していた。コンセプトにあった人物に意見を聞こうと、あてもなく近くの公園に繰り出した彼女は、そこでとある中年男性に出会う。まさみは彼を自宅に招き入れアドバイスを求めていくのだが…。 by way of JavFast, Javfinder

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