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Release Date: Mar 09, 2019

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エロ Kyou-chan who were given used to capturing as a 5th work, stated, "Are you critically feeling like you are still in debut now? so that it will confirm "to practice" on the spot 'mystery' to the most important! whilst abruptly inserting Ji-Po into Kyou, "what's this !?" After that, within the shower! inside the magazine interview! live chatting! maintain an eye on pure apricots which can be stuck within the whole sky!

five作目となり、撮影に慣れて来た杏ちゃんは『今でもデビュー時の様に本気で感じているのか?』を確かめるべく、本人には内緒の‘即ハメ’を慣行!杏ちゃんに突然チ○ポを挿入すると「なんですかこれ!?」。その後も、シャワー中!雑誌取材中!ライブチャット中!と全ドッキリに引っかかるピュアな杏ちゃんから目が離せない! by way of JavFast, Javfinder