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SIRO AV SIRO-3440 AV experience shooting 654 Reika 22 years antique Bridal earrings store personnel

Release Date: Feb 07, 2019

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"Rei"! Age is 22 years vintage! He said he's working at a bridal jewelry store. ideal for her calm atmosphere! In operating, I graduated from college and came to Tokyo on the identical time. i am not used to the unusual land ... it is critical. currently no boyfriend. paintings handiest, only one guy at work. I simply got here up to Tokyo and i have now not had any pals but, my stumble upon is determined .... Believing within the fateful stumble upon that "Shoulder hits when strolling in the city and love every different in the beginning sight ~ ..." i'm doing my high-quality regular! (Haha) The range of skilled human beings is small, there's no case that there has been a sefure. I can't keep up with the verbal exchange of experienced pals, appears to have a longing as "cool"

「れいあ」さん!年齢は22歳です!ブライダルジュエリー店のお店で働いているとのこと。彼女の落ち着いた雰囲気にピッタリ!働くにあたって、大学を卒業すると同時に東京に出てきたとのこと。慣れない土地で慣れない仕事…大変です。現在は彼氏なし。仕事柄、職場に男性はひとりだけ。上京したばかりで友人もまだおらず、出会いは絶望的…。「街を歩いているときに肩がぶつかってお互い一目惚れして~…」という運命的な出会いを信じて日々頑張っておられます!(笑)経験人数は少なく、セフレがいたこともなし。経験豊富な友人たちの会話についていくことが出来ず、セフレがいる人のことを「かっこいいな with the aid of JavFast, Javfinder

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