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HEYZO Reiko 1582 Reiko anything, i have problem with my seniors and i'm involved about my adolescence

Release Date: Mar 16, 2019

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Jav Creampie Reiko, who became ingesting together the day past, turned into known as once more unexpectedly. after I idea that I had forgettable matters, I appear to have concept of the whole lot. anything, i've issue with my seniors and i am concerned about my adolescence and i am trying you to seed me due to the fact it's miles already a restriction. No, I can't betray seniors who're indebted to me from the sort of day.

昨日一緒に飲んでたレイコさんから、また急に呼び出された。忘れ物でもしたかと思って会ってみると、何とも思い詰めた様子。なんでも、先輩との間になかなか子供ができずに悩んでいて、もう限界だから僕に種付けして欲しいとのこと。いや、そんな、日ごろからお世話になってる先輩を裏切るなんて出来ないですよ!でも、切実に悩んでいて懇願してくるレイコさんを放ってはおけないし through JavFast, Javfinder

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